Russell Moenich

Co-Host of Sequoia Investments and Insights

Chief Investment Officer | As Chief Investment Officer, I am responsible for the firm’s adherence to its investment philosophy and the execution of its investment process by leading and articulating Sequoia’s investment strategy, portfolio management, risk management, and research activities.

Through my primary functions and by leading the firm’s Investment Committee, I empower our relationship advisors with the knowledge and tools to proficiently build tailored client investment portfolios in strict accordance with asset allocation attributes, cash flow needs, short- and long-term planning goals, and risk profiles.

With more than 21 years of investment industry experience, I can appreciate each client’s unique wealth planning challenges and deliver thoughtful, comprehensive, and prudent investment solutions. There is nothing more professionally rewarding than helping our team and, ultimately, our clients achieve their wealth planning goals through effective portfolio decision making.

Russell Moenich has hosted four Episodes.