Trevor Chuna, CFP®, AEP®, CTFA, MSFS

Special guest

Technology continues to impact the way we think, act, and respond to the world around us both personally and while engaging with clients. I am responsible for Sequoia’s technology strategy and oversight and I endlessly pursue solutions that help enrich the lives our clients and team, which is the heart of what we do. In addition, I oversee Sequoia’s Wealth Planning Department and work closely with the firm’s lead planners on technical details, such as the modeling, forecasting, and analysis of financial and estate plans while also helping to coordinate the implementation and oversight of wealth transfer strategies.

The interactive planning we conduct for clients allows us to provide even more value. When a client wants to directly explore, first-hand, multiple planning options, the Wealth Planning team is brought in to discuss the scenarios and analyze the projected effect on the spot. This to gives our clients alternatives, on their terms, leaving them in control of their own independence and how they will ultimately provide for future generations.

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